Who is Pyrrha Sutra?

Born Christy Decker in Bountiful, Utah, Christy was raised in Arizona surrounded by classical dance and music. Traditionally, her family is rooted in the entertainment industry. In 1963 her uncle Louis Crandall created Tempe’s beloved theme park Legend City, a Wild West homage to a bye gone era. With show business in her blood and a fascination with Old Hollywood glamour, Christy was propelled towards a career as both an entertainer and entrepreneur. In her late teens, she studied the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus under Mary Moe Adams and tap dance through Bridgette McCarter. But it was her 2004 meeting with Angel Walker, the 1960s burlesque legend that ignited the character that Christy created known as "Pyrrha Sutra" and during that time she was asked to create a burlesque variety show for a nightclub called "Palazzo" owned by Steve Rogers (former set designer for Studio 54). With her background in classical dance and with Angel Walker as her mentor she created the burlesque variety show known as Scandalesque.


Christy's eclectic style of performing arts has given her many opportunities. From mastering the art of fire performance to singing jazz music while dancing on a grand piano to creating entertainment delving in circus arts, dance theater and beyond. She's privileged to have had the opportunity to train and perform alongside some of the best athletes in the biz, including former UFC fighter Ryan Jimmo. She passed down her knowledge to elite gymnasts and classically trained dancers that now have careers in performing arts. 


Her work has caught the eye of many celebrities such as rock legend Tommy Lee in 2009, which she graced the cover of his website with her signature fire act. In July of 2016, Christy produced a successful high end production in Los Angeles called "Phantom" a modern rendition of Phantom of the Opera featuring celebrity guests Cassandra Cass from Oxygen TV's STRUT and Maria Russell from the feature film Lights Out as well as internationally acclaimed dancers, vocalists and artists; Sergio Leal (ballroom), Miss Marquez (burlesque), Carlos Montufar (flamenco dance), Olivia Rojas (vocalist) and fashion show with works by Black Lickorish Latex (featured in Vogue Magazine Italy). Her passion for performing arts has lead to many experiences from creating entertainment for charity events such as St. Judes Hospital, The Original Taste (largest wine and food tasting charity event in Arizona) to mentoring elite athletes in specialty acts. All of her experiences has made her grateful and she's held the highest integrity for the client and artists involved in her art. Aside from the stage Christy's work has been seen on many TV Networks including NBC, Bravo, TruTV, Fox, MTV, ABC, and The Travel Channel.

On her down time she loves to design florals, teach classical dance to all ages and be with her little four legged girl known as "Girdy".